Amazing Fables: Choose your own avatar to personalise your book

Our Amazing Fables avatars are available in all genders as well as shades of colour to represent an inclusive world that we live in.

Choose from black hair, blonde hair, brown hair and even ginger hair. 🙂

We have been optimising for multiple languages too as part of our localisation strategy: livres personnalisés pour les enfants, personalisierte Bücher für Kinder, libri personalizzati per bambini, libros personalizados para niños, livros personalizados para crianças

Amazing Fables: The Boy/Girl Who Colored The World

Amazing Fables: Let’s Go Save Our Planet Earth Together!
Amazing Fables: A Story of Escape
Amazing Fables: Wisdom of the 12 Zodiac Animals
Amazing Fables: A Magical Christmas Adventure
Amazing Fables: How Did LIfe Begin?

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