How to Inspire the Love of Reading in Your Children?

Reading is wonderful.  Books can take you to worlds you never dreamed of, meet interesting people and even help you learn a little bit about yourself.  Books inspire us to seek out a world other than our own.  We hope our children love reading as much as we do.  But how do we inspire the love of reading to your children?

Read to them as early as you can.  Even when they are born.  There is something soothing like curling up against your parents and listening to them read to you.

Improvise with story-telling.  Use elements within the story to create more personalized tales which the kids can relate to within the family or amongst their friends.

Make books easily accessible.  Keep them all around the house, not just in their playroom.  Put them in the living room, bathroom and even the kitchen.  Bring them with you just in case you have some down time to read.

Keep screens away during reading time.  Studies have shown that having  excessive access to mobile devices such as phones or tablets reduces the attention span. That’s why many parents are moving back to traditional books.

Choose books that interest them.  Here at Amazing Fables, we put your child right into the story, making it much easier for them to connect to the story.  They can begin to use their imagination and they become interested in what comes next in their story.  They love these customize name books.


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