Charles Darwin and The Theory of Evolution

Are there any children’s books which teach about Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution? How do you reconcile that with Creationism when teaching your kids?

I use this particular book by Amazing Fables on ‘How Did Life Begin’?. It is simple and intuitive without going too much into brainwashing that one theory is superior to the other. A hero (boy or girl) goes exploring with Darwin himself via a simple time machine.

To answer your question, use a narrative to show incremental changes in life over time as part of irrefutable evolution, but offer two thoughts which might conflict or complement each other. Perhaps offer two points of view such as a higher intelligence sparking a point of origin vs a random walk in terms of how life emerged as is.

The book below doesn’t claim God did or did not create life, but rather focuses on how life changed over time as part of evolution.

Explore a world with Charles Darwin and learn how life evolved over time. 42 high quality Mohawk printed pages, this is one of the best personalized children’s books you can find.

Aquatic Dinosaurs


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