How we used ShareASale affiliate management to grow our sales for Amazing Fables?

We have just signed up for ShareASale for, which is one of the leading affiliate marketing networking and falls under the Awin umbrella.

Within 3 days, we have about 40+ affiliates who have come onboard! From our experience at using ShareASale and Commission Junction, we realised that affiliate programs are a very important part of the marketing mix.

The initial setup cost for network access was $500. In addition, every sale will result in some commissions paid out to the network as well as the affiliates.

To sign up for our affiliate program, you can use this link hereĀ

Here are a few starting steps we took to kick things off:

  1. Put the affiliate tracking code correctly to enable proper event tracking
  2. Set the commissions and incentives- a good affiliate commission rate is between 10-20%.
  3. Create the banners and creatives required for campaigns (see below).
  4. Prepare a newsletter to be sent out to update affiliates to push the deals. This works better with coupons and voucher codes.
  5. Invite more affiliates to come onboard to expand your distribution network.

Remember, success in building an affiliate distribution network takes time and proactive management. Even the act of creating good affiliate banners with different dimensions take time!


What are you waiting for? Sign up now!