Amazing Fables: Around The World Concept Art

We are proud to be working with the amazing Arcadia Wirawan for the next book called ‘Around the World’ which involves travelling around the world to look for easter eggs.

Just like the other books, the hero can be customised based on the reader’s profile in order to make the story more relatable.

Here are just some examples of the work in progress.

Concept characters for the Hero (blonde version) for both genders in different locations
Bringing law and order, Hero goes exploring in the Wild Wild West with Globy
Hero ventures into Ancient Egypt with Globy to find hidden treasures
A mystery awaits in London for the Hero and Globy
Nothing beats the romance and charm of Paris for the Hero
Moctezuma greeting the Hero and Globy as they reach Machu Pichu

Book is expected to be launched in Q3 2018 under

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