Who are the folks behind Amazing Fables?

Amazing Fables Logo
Amazing Fables designed by Ari Larsson

Warren Leow is an education enthusiast who believes very much in teaching good values to kids from an early age. He used to work in consulting, energy trading, the civil sector and was also previously running an education technology startup called Guru-App.

Challa is a software engineer who loves to apply technology into daily lives of people. He also builds cloud based 3D design software to help interior designers and architects.

Dubey is a cloud architect who built the entire ecommerce technology stack behind Amazing Fables. He is also experienced in backend engineering for highly scalable systems.

Teguh Suwanda is a web programmer, an education volunteer, and an art lover. He love drawing since his childhood and have been work as freelance graphic designer and illustrator for 5 years. Teguh is based in Indonesia.

Marìa Clara Cattaneo Esnaola works as a visual designer & 2D Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a dog lover, anarchy enthusiast and indie videogame developer.

Ovidiu Iulian Tomas is a freelancer artist which has been working as a freelancer since 2012 focusing mainly on children books and children illustrations. Previously he graduated the Fine Arts High School Nicolae Tonitza in Bucharest in 2010 and also graduated the Faculty of Orthodox Theology within the University of Bucharest in 2016. 

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