What is Amazing Fables?

Amazing Fables- a custom stories platform focusing on content which enriches a child's life
6 exclusive Amazing Fables titles to light up your child’s imagination

A child’s mind is amazing when it isn’t constrained. Give a boy a sword, and he’ll believe he is on an adventure to save a magical kingdom. Give a girl a stick and she could be casting spells with a magic wand.

This idea of personalization underpins every story we have worked on to spark imagination and confidence to explore new possibilities.

With our technology, any grown-up can customise stories to inspire kids with tales belonging uniquely to them. Having ownership of the story makes it more relatable and experiential.

Our job is to ensure that any story they imagine could be vivid and enriching. Our goals are to nurture the positive values amongst children around learning, sharing and being productive members to society.

Run by a group of parents passionate about early education, our stories are designed to have the best interest of your children at heart.

A Story of Escape by Amazing Fables- written by Warren Leow and illustrated by Max Rambaldi, 2018

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